Exploring Tourism in Eritrea
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Asmara Grande

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Eritrea as a tourist, and my pleasure was hugely enhanced by the attention of Asmara Grande, its CEO, and its staff. In fact, without the help of the CEO, l might never have gone to Eritrea. When I initially decided on my holiday, I met with my it's hurdle - the visa. It had to be applied for, and three weeks later, collected by, the person travelling, at the nearest embassy. Unfortunately, although I live in Ireland, my nearest embassy is London! So my trip was nearly over before it started! Very luckily though, I had been told about Mr Tekeste Azere, and his company, Asmara Grande. I contacted Mr Tekeste, and he organized everything! He was incredible - he really did arrange everything - visa, home stay, itinerary, tour guide, airport pick up, literally everything! My tour guide was fantastic, extremely personable, very knowledgeable about her country, and very considerate about my limited mobility. I travel quite a lot, but rarely have I gone anywhere where my stay went so smoothly. Also very rare is the personal attention, and the attention to detail offered by Asmara Grande. Eritrea is a hidden jewel in Africa's crown, but I have no doubt with a company like Asmara Grande, whose customer service is one of the best I have ever experienced, that one day, hopefully soon, the country will take pride of place in Africa's tourist industry. I cannot recommend Asmara Grande highly enough - they are wonderful. They turned a visit into an amazing experience.

Thank You For Making An Honest Man Of Me So Quickly

Thank you for making an honest man of me so quickly. Yet another example of your reliability. I wish you all the best. If a man of your intellect, common sense and experience were in charge, I have no doubt that Eritrea would soon be put to rights. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I felt more like the guest of a friend than a client. I will be sure to recommend your company to the Embassy. With best regards, Ron Willson March 16, 2015