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Travel Tips

Asmara Grande Eritrea General Information 
1.    Entry Visa to Eritrea 

 Entry visa can be obtained 
a) From the Nearest Eritrean Embassy in the visitors area. The Embassy will ask the visitor whether he/she has travel Agent connection in Eritrea. Consequently the Travel Agency will simultaneously apply to the immigration in Eritrea 
 b)  In the Event the Visitor is far from the Embassy our organization can arrange visa on arrival.  For both the above cases the visitor will need to send to the Agent (Asmara Grande) the following 

a) Your passport Copy
b) Your full style address Street and house number
c) Your contact telephone number
d) Your profession.

In the event you will obtain visa on arrivaPayment is USD 70.00 per pax directly payable to the immigration at the airport 

2.    Travel outside of Asmara 
Tourists and foreign nationals residing in Eritrea will need to produce the following  in order to obtain their Travel permit outside of Asmara:
•    Passport along with its actual entry visa date stamp 
•    Destination(s) you will visit 
•    Mode of transport (, rental car, taxi, ) N.B. traveling by private car or Public Bus is not allowed 
•    Number of days & nights to stay
•    Hotels accommodation(s) in case of overnight visit(s)
If one stays in a private residence instead of hotel, The Eritrean Host (owner of the house)  should produce his/her Eritrean ID card  to accompany the application for the travel permit
Travel permit will be issued for the following destinations:

  • to Keren and surroundings
  • to Massawa and surroundings
  • Sea Excursion in Dahlak Islands 
  • to Dekemhare  and surroundings
  • To Adi Kyeih Qohaito  and Senafe 
  • to Mendefera and surroundings
  • To Adi Quala 
  • To Massawa through Filfil and surroundings
  • Train Ride 
  • To visit the Tank Grave Yard 

Other destinations cannot be visited by individual tourists. Some other destinations however may be visited if accompanied by an Asmara Travel Agency tour guide. 
 For a visit to the monasteries you will need a permit issued by from The Patriarchate of the Orthodox church of Eritrea / Orthodox Tewahedo Church Headquarters in Asmara tel. 18 20 98 or 18 65 44). 
For a visit to archeological sites including the Dahlak Islands. another permit from the National Museum of Eritrea (Maryam Gmbi Street) is required. More information is to provided by the local travel agent that is providing your services from Asmara.
Ask for possible date and route limitations, to prevent problems at the checkpoints.  Applications are usually processed the same day if you visit the office in the morning.
The Tourism Service Center will also answer your questions on where to go, will give information about hotels and restaurants, the Eritrean Railway, as well as general information about Eritrea.
Apart from a few leaflets of tourism service providers, the Tourism Service Center does not have, nor does it sell books and video documentaries. Maps, tourist guides and books about Eritrea, as well as posters, flags, postcards, and music (video and audio) can be bought at the Awghet Bookstore at the Bahti Meskerem Square.
Payments for Traveling outside of Asmara:  Nakfa 20.00 (twenty)  per each Destination per person 
For archaeological and Monasteries Nakfa 150.00 (One hundred fifty)  per person 
For Sea Excursion USD 30.00 per person for a period of 5 days. Additional  USD 30.00 dollars will be paid for another 5 days or part thereof