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Dahlak Grand Hotel

Dahlak Grand Hotel

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The traveler who arrives in front of the reception of the new Dahlak Palace Hotel presents a wide staircase topped by a crenellated building and porch, immediate reference to the palaces of the old Massawa compositional style with Venetian-turkish-arabic.

Crossing the threshold, you will find the counter on the right of the reception desk, in front of them ', a telescope that will pass under the staircase landing of scissors, will allow him to see a symmetrical to the entrance porch and immediately after a large court garden of which the left side of the building is formed of so-called Suk (within which there are various shops local products), while the opposite side is bounded by the so-called Citadel and the left side from a large pool on the edge of sea, overlooking the green island dirimpettaia beautiful beaches, and the old, mysterious and fascinating Massawa.

The Citadel is the eldest of six new buildings that make up the complex of the New Dahlak and contains, in a maze of corridors, stairways and chiostrine reminiscent of the picturesque atmosphere of Kasbas, the most beautiful suites, all with balconies and sea affacciatisul also Standard rooms. The ground floor is a cocktail lounge and a large gallery with large windows that open onto the sea, used as a restaurant.

Beyond the Citadel there is another court-yard, smaller, bounded by a disco on the sea side, the other side by a long building used for underwater structures and local service and then on the third side politeama used as a conference room , theater and cinema.

Adjacent to the pool, lined up along the sea coast until it meets the old Dahlak Hotel (restored and refurbished) tukuls there is a large two-story, with the perimeter wide open to enjoy the sea breeze, used as a bar and some specialty local cuisine.

The atmosphere is felt in this great and articulate complex is certainly intriguing: a mixture of exotic revisited and modern comfort that is unmatched.

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