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Igla Demhina

Adikeyh, Eritrea

Bideho is a Tigrinya word, with literal English translation, meaning challenge. Bideho is also a frequently used Tigrinya terminology mostly used in doing the undoable, fixing the unfixable and challenging the unchallengeable. That is may be why the Bideho Construction Company is penetrating the impenetrable.

When the Italians colonized Eritrea in 1890, the Italians had to connect the highland plateaus of Asmara and its environs with the eastern lowlands of the Massawa port and of course other places of Eritrea with utmost strategic importance to the colonizers. That mission had to be done to meet the demands of the Italians and put the needed infrastructure well in place so as to maintain their stronghold in Eritrea.

Indeed, some of the infrastructural wonders that still exist are remains of the few colonial legacies that occupy a center stage in Eritrea’s land transport facility. The 115 kilometers long Asmara-Massawa road is one typical example of these infrastructural wonders.

One of the major strategies of the government of Eritrea after independence was therefore, to renovate and expand the infrastructure sector and construct new projects.

Among the handful of major projects of high strategic importance being implemented within the framework of the Warsay-Yikealo national development campaign is the Igla-Demhina road that connects the Southern region with the Northern Red Sea region in a few kilometers distance.

The shortest distance between two points as they say in mathematics is a straight line. Before the commencing of this significant project, the two regions were connected through bushes, escarpments and terrains, which seemed to have left no space for transportation of vehicles. Hence, apart from using camels or other traditional means of transportation, the two regions had to cross the central region to connect with each other, which made the journey long and tiresome.

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