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Keren City

Keren, Eritrea

Keren, formerly known as Cheren and Sanhit,[1] is the second-largest city in Eritrea. It is situated around 91 kilometers northwest of Asmara, at an elevation of 1,390 meters from sea-level. The town sprawls on a wide basin surrounded by granitic mountains on all sides. It serves as the capital of the Anseba region, and is home to the Bilen ethnic group.

Keren grew around the Eritrean Railway to Asmara. The railway was later dismantled because of the war, although there are plans to rebuild it. It is an important commercial centre and was the scene of regular battles in both World War II and the Eritrean War of Independence. Keren was the site of a key battle between Italian and British troops in February – March 1941.

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