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The Lake Abha-bada


Gazing from a distance, the place looks like a hole in the surface of the earth facing towards the sky. But upon a closer look one can see that it is a pristine and eerily still lake in the middle of an arid and desert like area. Flanked by crescent shaped hill on one side and sand dunes on the other, the lake extends over a crater-like area of 20 sq. kms.  Named "Abha Bada", this lake is found in the Gelalo sub zone of the Northern Red Sea Region. Though its name literally means 'the smelly lake' in the Afar language, the lake is surprisingly fresh and clear.

Lake Abha Bada is the result of a volcanic eruption in the area some centuries ago. The source of the lake's water is in the sand dunes located on the east side of the lake. Though the water from this source is very warm, it can be used for drinking and doesn't burn the skin unlike hot springs in different parts of the country. 

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