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Day 01: ARRIVE ASMARA Arrive in Asmara; meet assist and transfer to the hotel. Go on a city tour of Asmara. Visit the Catholic and Coptic cathedrals, the mosque, the market, the Caravanserraglio, the Italian cemetery, and . .
Country: Eritrea
City: Asmara
Duration: 8 Day(s) - 7 Night(s)
Tour Category: Adventure Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
Package Itinerary


Arrive in Asmara; meet assist and transfer to the hotel.

Go on a city tour of Asmara. Visit the Catholic and Coptic cathedrals, the mosque, the market, the Caravanserraglio, the Italian cemetery, and the National Museum.


After breakfast, depart Asmara to Adi Quala via Mendefera, also known as Adi Ugri, the capital city of Zoba Debub. En route enjoy the rolling mountains and hills, covered with acacia- even the barren mountains are full of color. It is easy to climb the various hills in this village to enjoy the views. Situated on two hills opposite one another, on two sides of the main road passing through Mendefera one will find the two most prominent buildings in the town: The St. Georghis Coptic Church and the Catholic Church and School.

The name Mendefera derives from the high hill in the center of the city and is a source of pride to Eritreans. It means 'who dares ' and is a reminder of the fierce resistance put up by the local people to Italian colonialism. It is now a bustling market town in a fertile region of Eritrea and a place where small and large-scale factories produce different products.

In Adi Quala a visit to the Italian Memorial tomb was built in commemoration of the Italian Defeat at the Battle of Adowa in Ethiopia in 1896. The memorial tomb was built in 1934 Adi Quala is well known for its finest local beer (SUWA) Production called “Hitmo”.


After breakfast drive, via Asmara, to Dekemhare a small town, 40 Kilometers, to the south East of Asmara, Dekemhare is a pleasant town well known for its citrus fruits such as peaches and fig trees. It has a pleasant climate. The Italians used it as a resort area. There will be a brief stay in Asmara for Coffee in the finest coffee shops. Lunch will also be provided. In the Afternoon the visitors will travel to Dekemhare and visit the city


After breakfast drive to Kohaito passing through the town of Segeneiti, 65 kilometers (from Asmara), and Adi Keyh 115 kilometers. Turning to the left through a weather road of 12 kilometers visitors will enjoy the archaeological site in Kohaito. An ancient dam, some standing pillars, traces of an ancient palace, Rock paintings, and tombs. Included is also the breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. There was a road still visible that used to connect the area to the port city of Massawa and the neighboring Tigray in Ethiopia.

Further continuing their journey, visitors will travel further to the South about 25 kilometers from Adi Keyih on the way to Senafe, a border town with neighboring Ethiopia. Visitors will enjoy the archaeological site of an ancient town in Belew Kelew overshadowed by the 2.5-meter erect stele, demonstrating the ancient civilization in that area The physically fit can climb the Metera mountain and witness the breathtaking view of 360 degrees where the majestic chains of the Ambassoira mountains adore the scenery.

There is also a baobab tree that gives fruits every month in its twelve branches, adjacent to the ancient church of St. Mary. Legends have it that the tree used to feed the monks by yielding fruit every month. In present times, though not edible, the fruits are still ripe in their twelve branches every month.

While returning back to Dekemhare visitors will have an observation of the several majestic baobab tree found in the town of Segeneiti, 65 kilometers from Asmara or almost halfway to Senafe. The Eritrean currency of the 5 Nakfa note commemorates one of the biggest baobab trees in the town.


After breakfast drive to Keren City. This lovely historical city is located 90 km South West of Asmara surrounded by mountain ranges, valleys, and an Oasis (the life spot for the peasants and their cattle) driving downhill and enjoying the scenery of twisted mountainous roads. The wonderful healthy climate of Keren welcomes everyone and is often called the retreat town for people with rheumatism problems.

Keren is 1392 meters above sea level with an average temperate climate of 30C all year round. This town demonstrates a mixture of traditional and contemporary lifestyles. 2 km north of the town is the huge Baobab tree-hewn church shrine of St. Mariam DeAarit.


After breakfast, depart to Massawa along the panoramic Oriental Slopes. Usually called Eritrea’s Green Belt. Enjoy a brief coffee ceremony in the Sabur Resort area. Visitors can enjoy bird watching. Arrive in Massawa around noon. Afternoon at leisure.


After breakfast board a dhow for a short cruise: travel from Massawa to Madote island, Dissei, Shumma, and Assarca. Overnight on board or in tents on the island.


Day at leisure day. In the evening dinner in a typical restaurant, where you can enjoy authentic traditional cuisine, taste local beverages (sua, mies, areki) and participate in the ceremony of coffee. After dinner transfer to the airport for the return flight.

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