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The Eritrean Rashaida Ethnic Group Tour

The Eritrean  Rashaida Ethnic Group Tour Packages
Country: Eritrea
City: Massawa
Duration: 3 Day(s) - 2 Night(s)
Tour Category: Culture Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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The Rashaida, Rashaayda, or Bani Rashid are a tribe populating Eritrea and northeast Sudan. In 1846, many Rashaida migrated from the Hejaz in present-day Saudi Arabia into what is now Eritrea and northeast Sudan after tribal warfare had broken out in their homeland. The Rashaida of Sudan and Eritrea live in close proximity with the Beja people. Large numbers of Bani Rasheed are also found on the Arabian Peninsula.

The Rashaida keep their traditional dress, culture, customs, and camel breeds.

Day 01: Arrival

Arrive at Asmara International airport and transfer to Hotel. Overnight in Asmara

Day 02 To Massawa and Rashaida ethnic group

In the environs of Massawa, visitors will be able to meet the Rashaida Community. The Rashaidas are Nomads. They travel along the costs of Massawa to the North until Sudan.

The Rashaidasearn they're living mainly by trade. These tribes are believed to have crossed to Eritrea from Yemen and Saudi Arabia some four centuries ago. They still maintain their Arab ancestry.

Further to the South of Massawa along the Foro and the Buri Peninsula visitors will have the opportunity to meet the Tigre tribes, similar to the Keren Tribes, and further north the Afar Tribes. Overnight in Massawa

Day 04 Massawa - Asmara

Driving back to the city of Asmara, early in the morning 04:00 hrs. to reach Asmara city in the afternoon.
Later in the evening, the visitors will be transferred to the airport for their bon voyage back home

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