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Two Days Adventure Tour

Two Days Adventure Tour Packages
Country: Eritrea
City: Massawa
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Adventure Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Day 01- Arrivals

Arrive at Asmara International airport and transfer to Hotel. Overnight in Asmara.

Day 02 - Asmara -Massawa

After enjoying a wonderful tour in Asmara, visitors can drive to Mendefera 60 kilometers from Asmara to the South West. It is a spectacular geographical site. Mendefera was built by the Italians. Along the way, visitors can have a brief visit to the Sunridge copper mining in Dubarwa, 27 kilometers from Asmara. Mendefera is well known for its fertile plains. The town is also known for its milk production. There is a wonderful Catholic church built by the Italians atop a small hill. Visitors can have a brief coffee break in Mendefera.

By about 11:00 hrs they can drive back to Asmara but then turn to their right in Tera-‘emni. They will drive for 40 kilometers and reach Dekemhare, A town 40 kilometers away to the south East of Asmara. Dekemhare is well known for its pleasant climate and the citrus fruits that are produced. The site was established by the Italians.

Visitors will have their lunch in Dekmhare. Later in the afternoon, they will return back to Asmara

Late in the evening transfer to the airport for their bon voyage.

End of the Tour!

Explore More About Massawa:

Massawa is a port city in Eretria, located on the Red Sea coast between 15°36′35″ N latitude and 39°27′00″ E longitude, around 110 km southeast of the national capital, Asmara. It is one of two important commercial towns of Eretria, another being Asmara, and holds many active historic mosques including the Sheikh Hanafi Mosque.

Massawa is also popular for pristine beaches with snorkeling and diving opportunities and plenty of restaurants and cafes. Massawa also has become popular among visitors for its colonial buildings dating from Italian Eretria. Massawa is spread over an area of 477 sq. km and its summer generally sees high humidity.

Being a port settlement, Massawa had witnessed the rule of many renowned European and African empires including the Medri Bahri Kingdom, the Axumite Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Umayyad Caliphate. Massawa fell under the rule of the Kingdom of Italy in 1885 and since then, Massawa had been the capital of Italian Eritrea until 1897 when the capital was moved to Asmara.

Massawa houses plenty of upgraded shopping centers welcoming tourists with a wide selection of branded items as well as locally produced jewels, handicrafts, and embroidery products.

One can see all types of food corners in Massawa including bars, restaurants, and cafes with both traditional and international menus.

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